About All About Birth

All About Birth is a woman-owned, home-based business dedicated to supporting women and birth. Our online boutique offers pregnancy, birth and postpartum supplies to moms and doulas across Canada. Many of our products are organic, all natural, WAHM-made, handmade, or vegan. And we are proud to say that the majority of our products are made in Canada.

But All About Birth is more than just an online boutique – it is a place that women can find helpful resources that will provide them with the support they need to have a positive birth experience. Our mission is to bring comfort and inspiration to women, so that they can trust their natural birth process and develop confidence as nurturing mothers.

About the Owner, Justine Geberdt

I am kind of a Jill of all trades - I am a labour doula at Love the Bump, a co-organizer at The Mama Expo, the mother of two beautiful boys, and the wife of a wonderfully supportive husband. My interest in providing support for women during pregnancy and labour began while volunteering in a Ghanaian hospital. I had the privilege of spending part of my rotation in the maternity ward. It was there that I attended my first birth. I was truly amazed by the experience, but at the same time I was disappointed with the lack of support that the mother received from her caregivers during labour. I soon discovered that many labouring women in Canada also lack that much needed emotional and physical support. Consequently, many women view labour as a negative experience that should be feared. It is my belief that birth can be a very positive experience with the right kind of support. I am dedicated to helping that happen as often as possible.

Throughout my journey as a doula and a mother, I realized that there was a lack of Canadian stores providing local and natural products for expecting families, especially home birth supplies. Many moms have to gather supplies from a combination of online and the local drug stores... and it is not always easy to find everything needed! I launched All About Birth to help busy moms find the pregnancy, birth and post-partum care products they need, all in one boutique. I also wanted to support the doula community, and provide doulas with the tools they need to support birthing women.


Our online boutique provides natural pregnancy, birth, and post-partum supplies to doulas and expectant parents across Canada.

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Email: info@allaboutbirthboutique.ca