AB Tank and Wrap

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AB Tank and Wrap Canadian Must Have

By Bellies Inc

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The AB Tank and Wrap Holistic System includes:

  • 1 Black AB Tank
  • 1 Nude AB Tank
  • 1 Nude AB Wrap
  • 1 Delicates Laundry Bag
  • Core Confidence Excerise Program

Belly wrapping has been used for centuries in many cultures around the world. The AB Tank and Wrap is the modern day version! The AB tank and Wrap is the ultimate postpartum recovery system! It will support your core from the outside - offering exceptional light external compression to support the healing connective tissues while encouraging the muscles to return to their ideal alignment. Just like you would wrap the injured tissues and muscles in an ankle strain, so too should you wrap the injured tissues in your abdomen after pregnancy and birth. It is meant to be temporary for the first 8 weeks postpartum and done in conjunction with the core confidence exercise program.

The AB Tank and Wrap are part of our holistic system that provides you with physical support while also rebuilding your core from the inside out with the Core Confidence exercise program. By supporting the healing tissues and guiding the muscles back into ideal alignment, the AB Tank and Wrap make your exercise more effective!

The AB tank is designed to fit under the bust to allow for breastfeeding while keeping your belly covered and supported no matter where you are.


The size chart on third trimester measurements - ideally around your 30th week or later - you will measure under your bust and around your hips.  We have found that the under the bust measurement is the one that really dictates what size to buy.  As a general guideline the S is for women who were size 4-6 pre-pregnancy, M is for women who were size 8-10 pre-pregnancy.  L is for women who were size 12-14 pre-pregnancy. If you are purchasing the product when you are past the 8 week postpartum mark you will use the under the bust measurement only. 

Under Bust – 30 - 37
Hips 30-40

Under Bust 36 - 42
Hips 35-45

Under Bust – 41 - 46
Hips 40-50


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Regular Price: $140.00

Special Price: $130.00


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